Teaching and Workshops

I am a passionate and experienced data science and programming instructor, and I am certified as a Carpentries instructor. I would love to work with you to develop and deliver a workshop or course that suits your needs.

Examples of previous workshops:

Fundamentals of Package Development (posit::conf(2023))

Introduction to Data Science with R

Geospatial Data Science with R

Using R of Wildlife Telemetry Data Analysis

Software Carpentry R Workshop


I really loved how hands on this workshop was, I feel like I walked away with a lot of knowledge and I have a template I can look against now.

The instructor was well experienced and had an easygoing nature. I felt confident coming back from the workshop and beginning development of my own package. I honestly felt inspired at the end of the day.

Really impressive work, I was so thrilled to see efforts to keep it inclusive for learners of all types and abilities. Teaching to a room of folks with wildly varied skill sets is not easy!

I felt like the instruction was customized and accessible. Lots of opportunity for questions. It was good being shown different tools for analysis and getting to explore some commonly-used analyses and operations that can be broadly applied. Great course thanks very much!