Andy Teucher, Data Science Consulting

I am a biologist turned data scientist, specializing in helping people and organizations build maintainable, reproducible data workflows. I am a strong open data and open code advocate, and believe in the value of using and contributing to open-source software.


Data Science Consulting

I help people and organizations understand their data and find the meaning within. I specialize in doing data science with the R programming language, and have a strong focus on reproducibility.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Big data using Apache Arrow and duckdb
  • Population data science
  • Biological and environmental data analysis and visualization
  • Spatial data analysis and visualization
  • Data workflow optimization and automation

I can also help your organization understand and use open-source licenses for data and code, collaborate effectively using Git and GitHub, and organize and manage your data.

Teaching and Workshops

I am a passionate and experienced data science and programming instructor, and I am certified as a Carpentries instructor.

Example workshop topics include:

  • Introduction to data science with R
  • R package development
  • Geospatial data science with R
  • Git and GitHub

This is not an exhaustive list! Please reach out if you have a workshop idea you’d like to discuss.

Data Science Software Development

I am an expert R package developer. I maintain several packages on CRAN and have contributed to many others. I can help you develop and maintain your R package, or develop a new package for your organization.

Interactive Web Applications

I will help you understand and communicate your data by creating custom interactive dashboards, web applications, and visualization tools using Shiny.